February 23, 2019

19.1 has announced and another open are upon us. This is a pretty cool one. Some are happy, some are upset, I'm excited because I love wall balls, I love rowing, it is a tall CrossFitter event or workout. 

It's a 15 min an AMRAP of 19 wall balls and 19 calories of rowing back and forth for 15 minutes. It is a great simple test of just engine and work capacity. It starts off with the classic CrossFit caplet of rowing and wild ball shots. So you’ve got to pull, you’ve got to squat and you’ve got to push. 

So let’s talk about some things that you can do to make your experience a little bit better and you can improve your score and just a little bit more things to focus on.


So first with the rowing, sit down on your rower and push menu back more options and then display drive factor. What you want to do on your rower before you start is adjust the drag factor by changing your damper setting. You do this to fall within a range of 120 to 135. If you were a lighter, more stamina-based athlete, you’re going to want to be about 120 around that range, and you’ll do that by adjusting the damper setting down.

If you’re a heavier guy or a very strong person, and you find yourself doing a big pull followed by a slow return to the catch, you will want to be closer to 135 because that adds resistance. You’ll find that you’ll move the damper up a bit if you start at 120. So you set the drag factor, that will set your damper. Every rower is different. Make sure you start with that for your warm up. Second, the calories per hour. Most of us will look at that unit of measurement instead of the meters or a 500 meter split. If you’ve come to know and every on the minute for 20 calories, we know that 1250 will safely get you under a minute. If you have your drive factor set accordingly like I mentioned earlier.

So if we’re going to try for eight rounds on our first attempt, what I would recommend is treat this thing as in every minute on the minute and then hit the last two rounds super hard. If you’re going to do that, start out with that 1250 calorie per hour rowing rate. Now guys we’re going to find this a little bit easier, ladies will likely have a better time with that number. So adjust accordingly. But what we’re aiming to do is complete it within about 55 seconds to 1 minute. Then you’re going to transition quickly and you’re not going to do it a full squat clean extending the hip, but you’re going to move on to the wall ball shot to a quick curl.


Now let’s talk about some things first about the wall ball shot. It’s a 35 to 40 second set if you go unbroken. So it’s fast. That means that you can easily come in with one complete round under two minutes. Things that will improve your score, trying to remain aerobic for as long as possible by exhaling at the bottom and exhaling at the top when you throw the ball near. Those two things will charge your body with oxygen, and it will allow you to exercise aerobically just a hair longer than if you hold your breath. Relax your shoulders while the ball is in the air. When you throw the ball in the air, consider dropping your hands to at least the shoulder height.

We see people doing this wave around and then bringing their hands back underneath. I would recommend forgetting that. Throw the ball, bring your hand down. Catch it right here, squat. Simple stuff. And then during your set up, this is something that you do during warmup.


We like to take the ball in hand and touch it to the wall. Extend your arms fully and where your feet are placed is where you should have your feet for every single set. So take a piece of chalk, draw a circle around your squat stance at that arms distance. Now set the ball down right in front of you, so that when you get off that rower, you put your feet in the circle and you’re ready to go. That’s a great way of reducing the time it takes to get set up or have those mishaps like the ball rolling down the wall or you’re too close to the wall or you’re not getting a good bounce back away from the wall. Try that chalk chair trick.


Now lastly, when it gets down to the last three minutes, it go time. You don’t want to go 100%, but at the same time you’re going to find that your row is going to fall apart. You’re going to be rowing and not maintaining the same pace. So what I would recommend is focus on the basics. Okay the basics would be keeping your trunk as solid as possible and reducing an inflection of the spine. So try to keep your shoulders back as you reach forward, get your arms fully straight and keep your hips back behind your shoulders as you reach towards the catch.

People as they get tired, begin to lean back as they come forward. Let’s make sure you focus on the basics roughly. When you finish that pull on the row, snap, don’t wait here, don’t pull up to your head, just snap for the chest and back. Allow those hips to snap, allow those arms to snap and then get back to that catch. When you get tired, this is hard to do so just give it your all. During the wall ball shots everybody could always do one more wall ball shot.

So in your head just think just one more, just one, just one more until you finish those 19 reps. That’s 19.1, good luck to you guys.

All right, I hope those tips helped you. 


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