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April 29, 2020

We need to be aware that what follows after the coronavirus crisis is a change in our society, not only how work and school are going to function but also how we are going to function in a new scenario. In this particular case, how are CrossFitters going to change in their behaviours? How will a socially-distanced workout change us?

This article is based on "12 Types of Female CrossFitters You’ll Find in Every Box" byt Michelle Tipsword. We are going to try to predict how these types of female athletes could change now that there is a new challenge in their fitness routine. How will they live and thrive in a world with Covid-19.

Before vs After: Coronavirus Female CrossFitters Types

In her article, Michelle described 12 types of female CrossFitters you’d find in every box, no matter where in the world you’re WODing. Let's be creative and try to find out what each type would be like now that we are all confined in our houses and keeping our social distance at, at least, 1 meter away.

Friendly Fran 

The old Fran was the social butterfly of the box, always the first to welcome and introduce new members. Friendly Frans used to be the most popular people at the box, the ones who stop to make small talk with everyone and the one that others flock toward. 

The new version of Friendly Fran is loaded with technology tips and the latest apps to get everyone interacting in social media. Remember that Friendly Fan is often among the top performers – she knows what she is doing - and instead of approaching to correct your form she will send you thought-out videos with a detailed explanation of her own tips and experiences. Friendly Frans love people and aren’t afraid to show it, not with hugs or hi-fives, that's in the past, now they will fill your social media account with meaningful phrases that will inspire your days.

Badass Brenda

This CrossFitter hasn’t met a challenge she couldn’t tackle and that is not going to change, not even for a pandemic! Badass Brendas love to compete, but are also very supportive. After giving your best in a workout you will get cute emoticons and gifs from Badass Brenda. This will cheer you up for sure! But mostly it will help you remember that being a Badass Brenda means not only excelling  in performance but also in caring for your community. 

Badass Brenda isn't boastful about their accomplishments, even when they outperform the guys fighting over toilet paper at the supermarket.

Chalking Charlotte

This CrossFitter LOVES chalk and is followed by a cloud of dust wherever she goes. And if she’s wearing black, her clothes are closer to gray by the end of the WOD.

The new version of Chalking Charlotte can't live without hand sanitizer, the new rule before lifting is disinfect hands with scent-free plant-based hand sanitizer, wait a few seconds for the sanitizer to absorb, then apply chalk, perform, repeat. Before stepping into the gym Chalking Charlotte knows that her day will be loaded for hand sanitizer and chalk dust. She is even invested in developing a liquid chalk that has the properties to act as hand sanitizer.

Newbie Nancy

Newbie Nancies have just started their CrossFit journey and don’t know what to expect. The wide eyes, the confused expressions, the uncertainty when setting up the weights. You got it right? We have all been there. But wait a minute, Newbie Nancy has even more things to learn now, like safety regulations against the spread of the virus and healthy habits inside the gym. Newbie Nancy has to be more focused and adaptive. But don't worry my Newbie Nancy, your new CrossFit community will guide you through this process. 

Muscle Mindy

If you’re looking to replace bumper plates or kettlebells with household items that you can use during an online workout, look no farther, Muscle Mindy has the answer. Before the crisis, she’s the one that tackled and conquered any physical challenge put to her. During the lockdown period, she turned her house into a gym, she gave a second use to furniture and used it to keep on with her strength training. Now, after spending some time in confinement, she is even more invested in getting back to her level of performance in order to come out on top..

But don’t be fooled by the looks, Muscle Mindy is sweet as pie and will help you turn your place into the gym of your dreams.

Selfie Sheila

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are part of the basic repertoire of Selfie Sheila. Now that we are spending our days at home, with computers close at hand, Shelfie Sheila has seen the opportunity to expand her horizons by creating outstanding velfie videos (video + selfie). Selfie Sheilas are now capturing shoots of their big lifts outside the gym, at their houses or at a friend's garage gym. They are seeking out new ways to connect with other CrossFitters, mostly through video chat. Selfie Sheilas are mastering Google’s video chatting application Duo, Houseparty, Twitch, TikTok, you name it!

Pint-Sized Patty

The characteristics of these CrossFitters are: quiet, cute, and small. Although they don't stand out among other CrossFitters, they enjoy this kind of anonymity during their workouts. But when it comes time to compete, they shine with their performance, they execute big lifts, go hard at cardio, and are often seen up on the awards podium at competitions others didn’t think they had a chance at winning.

We could think that with the new norm of socially-distanced workout there is a big risk we won't see Pint-Sized Patty at the gym. Well, we are half right. Pint-Sized Patty's nature isn't very sociable, they don't feel comfortable with small talk or physical contact. So yes, she will profit from keeping her distance with other athletes but, at the end, they need the support of their fitness community. So don't worry if you don't see them as much, they are still part of your crew.

Mama Megan

Way before the crisis, these women knew the key to balance, with grace and determination, all of their priorities: work, family, and fitness. With more challenging times, Mama Megan has become the person who has all the tools and knowledge to fight the virus. Among all her gym gear and her kids toys, she is fully prepared with bottles of hand sanitizer, extra masks and gloves. Mama Megan has all the emergency telephones registered in her cellphone. She carries wet tissues to wipe barbells and rowers, not only for her but for everybody. As you can understand, her ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe and protected. 

Even if we are living in incertitude, Mama Megan doesn’t let the crisis psych her out. They remain calm and enjoy the killer workouts. We could all use some of that attitude inside and outside the gym!

Experimental Esther

This is the CrossFitter who wants to try everything, and even if she is not at the level she wishes, she keeps trying. Her spirit resonates with the phrase “let's try it out, It’ll be fun!”

And now, with more spare time than usual Experimental Esther is watching all the videos she can in order to master gymnastic movements in the comfort of her house. At this point she has her own playlist with all the best online coaches and techniques she has found. Reach out to her, she is a super good resource if you want to improve your double unders and is also a super fun partner for an online workout. 

Prepared Penny

Prepared Penny has everything you could ever need in her gym bag. Things like bandage, a spare set of wrist wraps, etc. Add to that, hand sanitizer and her own handmade masks. She is on the same mission as Mama Megan, with the sole difference that she is a bit messy. It may take her a few minutes to find something but the important is that you can be 100% sure that she will find it. You can count on them. Prepared Pennies keep saving us from ourselves.


I hope that this article has brought some smiles to your lockdown life. It was fun for me to explore the possible changes that we are going to observe in the people with whom we workout. These were all assumptions, but what I want you to take with you is that unexpected changes are here and more are coming that will affect our behavior. The real question is how you feel about it and what are you going to do about it. Take, as an example, any of these types of female CrossFitters to give you some perspective. Change is more manageable if we have a positive attitude and see it as an opportunity for growth, not only ours, but also our community. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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