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December 09, 2021

You know when someone yawns – suddenly you yawn, the person standing next to you yawns - everyone starts to yawn – it’s contagious!! The same rule applies to complaining. Did you ever say to someone “I’m so tired today!” of course you have – and most likely their reply is “me too!” I know – I’m guilty! What about “I hate Mondays!” “It’s too cold to do anything!” “I’m so tired, I just want to sleep,” just a few of an endless list of there are to complain about.

And there you have it…the domino effect. I am not a doctor but studies have shown that negativity rewires the brain!!!  Think about a time when you complained (bet it was a real short time ago)…did it make you feel better? Or did it lead to more complaining? And when someone joins you in those negative thought processes, it gets even worse.  Negativity just fills the air!

So… let’s imagine the opposite… I am not unrealistic – complaints are going to happen, but what if we tried to say something positive about what we might complain about?  Will positivity be as contagious as negativity?  Think about this – when you smile at someone, do they smile back? Most likely yes (unless they think you are nuts). When you don’t smile, you usually get no smile in exchange.

So when you hear – because you will – the first complaint today – DON’T give in! DON’T fuel the complaint fire – I challenge you to bring positivity into the conversation.  Think you can do it? Give it a try! Complaints are contagious, but so is joy!


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