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Barbell Beauties 8 Week Diet Fitness Planner, Nutrition Weight Loss Notebook

An 8-Week fitness & diet planner for journaling about mindfulness, nutrition, diet, fitness, Workouts, Habits, Gratitude Journals, Meal Planning & More! Color of this journal is shown in the cover photo with purple spiral and grey polkadot / rainbow stripe cover.

Keep yourself accountable with DAILY GRATITUDE and JOURNALING alongside tracking your nutrition & diet, workouts, meal planning, and so much more! 

Journal size is Half Letter size: 5.5" wide, and 8.5" high, and about .5" thick.


- 8 weeks worth of tracking your meals and workouts.
- Each week starts with a weekly reflection of your goals & accomplishments!
- WEEKLY MEAL PLANNING calendar each 7 days so you can plan out your meals for the week.
- WORKOUT tracker pages for each week where you can log what your workouts are.
- Every 4 weeks there is a "Check in" page for you add a new progress photo, and write about any goals you have achieved and future goals for the following 4 weeks.
- Pages to write down your SMART GOALS at the start of the journal!
- A weight loss graphing chart to track your weight over time, as well as a measurements chart!!
- A 100 calorie food chart!
- Motivational quotes throughout the entire journal
- Super hardback chipboard cover and clear front-cover for durability.


- Places to write dates, wake up & bed time
- Daily Gratitude & Reflection
- TO DO checklist
- 5 various meals throughout the day (you don't have to use them all!)
- Track servings of fruits, vegetables, protein and water intake with checkboxes
- Rate your eating for the day...were you on track or not?
- Macronutrient Counting & IIFYM Friendly!

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